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Join world-renowned speaker Ryan Avery in this series designed to provide motivating, real-life tips for being THE best version of yourself. This series is FREE and open to all.

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August & September Combined Theme: Starting and Stopping

The combined theme for August and September is all about STARTING and STOPPING. Ryan will talk about the importance of why we should continue to start, and why we should reflect when we stop.

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Why Bellevue University is Sponsoring This Series

Bellevue University has always been about supporting peoples' goals, dreams and amazing aspirations. We know that education is a key to achievement. That is why we make it possible for more people to access the education they need to be successful. Our approach, Real Learning for Real Life, anchors our education and training in current, relevant content, active learning, and compelling delivery.

Today it seems the world is changing faster than ever. That's why we are sponsoring short, weekly inspiration breaks to remind us all about the potential to be our best and keep us on track.

Real Learning for Real Life makes you confident, capable, and success-enabled regardless of how the world changes, your career changes, or you change.

Ryan Avery

About Ryan Avery

Go from A to THE® with Ryan Avery. At age 24, Ryan set a goal to become the World Champion of Public Speaking within the year. He did. Since then he has delivered more than 500 keynotes in 33 countries and broken numerous world records. Ryan knows how to set and achieve amazing goals. He shares his knowledge and inspirational delivery with Bellevue University students, alumni, partners, and friends. Every Tuesday.

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